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Memories of your perfect day, preserved forever.

You’re planning your wedding day - likely one of the most momentous occasions of your life. Nothing will compare to watching the tears roll down your mother’s face or seeing your partner’s trembling hands as they put the ring on your finger.

My wedding films capture all the big moments and also the little details so you won’t forget one second of your day. Your wedding will have a unique and beautiful story, and my goal is to preserve it in an authentic, creative, and captivating way.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What types of events do you specialize in covering?
    I specialize in a wide range of events, including graduations, corporate events, conferences, product launches, and more. My goal is to capture the essence and atmosphere of each event, regardless of its nature.
  • How do you ensure you capture all the important moments during an event?
    I approach event coverage with meticulous planning and come equipped with a wide variety of video and audio equipment. Before the event, we discuss key moments, create a shot list, and ensure I'm familiar with the event schedule. This preparation helps me anticipate and capture every significant moment seamlessly.
  • Can you work with our photographer and other vendors?
    Absolutely! Collaboration is key to a successful event. I'm happy to coordinate with your photographer and any other vendors to ensure cohesive and creative coverage of your event from all parties.
  • Can we request specific music or include interviews in the event video?
    Absolutely! Your input is valuable, and I encourage you to share any preferences or ideas you have for the video. I can work with you to find music that suits your project and conduct interviews to personalize the final product according to your vision.
  • What is your turnaround time for delivering the event footage?
    I understand the excitement of reliving the event through footage. I strive to provide a quick turnaround, typically delivering the edited footage within a specified timeframe agreed upon during our initial discussions.
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