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Promotional Content and Event Coverage

  • Is a Videographer Really Worth It For Your Wedding?
    Being behind the camera for 5 years now, I may have a bias opinion. But wedding films are something I cherish. Spending the day with you two, your closest friends and family, I try to get a feel for what its like in your world. At the end of the night when your big day is over, all the special moments and memories are saved with me. I create a video from the entire day mixed with music, audio from vows and speeches all together into a timeless keepsake for you and your family. Think of it like a moving photo album.. But you can hear your fiancé say their vows to you again, watch you and your friends pop champagne or enjoy every special moment of your first dance as husband and wife again. I'll be honest, perfect is better than done when it comes to wedding films. If I'm not emotional re watching your video its not ready to send out yet.
  • My Fiancé and I aren't really comfortable on camera, How can you help us?
    I understand, looking back into my camera lens can seem like a black hole! The best part about working with me, (In my opinion) is that I have a "fly on the wall" film style. During your big day I strive to capture everything as naturally as possible. Of course there will be times when some direction is used to setup that perfect shot, but other than that most of the day I try to film everyone being there candid selves! Couple's have said that I bring Golden Retriever energy into their wedding day, and honestly I'm just as happy to be there as you two!
  • How do we trust someone we don't know to capture our most important day?
    If you've made it this far onto my website, I hope you've had a chance to see some of my previous work. The videos should speak for themselves, I've spent hours learning and practicing this craft to be able to produce what I consider the highest quality weddings films possible. With each new wedding I only try to add to these skills. Depending if you've heard of me through friends or follow me on social media, I hope what you see and what you hear is no different. This life behind the camera is something I'm truly passionate about. Now being a full time videographer, I have the time and resources to get 1% better everyday. If your still wanting more, I'm always game for a phone / video call or if we live close enough it would be great to get together and talk wedding plans!
  • What can we expect from you as our videographer?
    "Working" with me on your big day is like having a new best friend. I'm your hype man, helper and always ready to show you the goose bumps on my arms when we capture some wedding magic! After your wedding day, delivered videos vary depending on the package that you decide to go with, I'd love to chat more about this on a phone call and find the package that works for you. I've developed a pretty significant style to filming weddings over the years, but of course every wedding is so so different. With this in mind all day, I try to capture all the details, people and places picked out for your day and make a completely unique video from all the memories.
  • We already have our photographer booked, What happens if you don't work good together?
    Over the years I've been very lucky to, expand my reach in where I get to film weddings. In doing so I get the chance to meet lots of different photographers along the way. The nice part is couples do usually have their photographer booked, and if you don't I have an amazing list of them from all over that I love to work with. Having your photographer booked already makes it easy for me to checkout their social media, send them a message and make some initial contact letting them know we'll be capturing your wedding together. Lots of times when working with a new photographer I like to get on a phone call with them and talk about shooting styles, lenses they use and if they will have a second shooter tagging along or not. This tends to break the ice before meeting and allowing for a quick chat the morning of your big day so we can both feel comfortable in our crafts.
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