Welcome to my site! My names Tristan Wingert, I am a Freelance Photographer and Videographer. Born and raised close to Star City Saskatchewan, I'm an easy going farm kid whose developed a passion for capturing the moment.


   My interest started when I was sixteen and bought my first iPhone. Six years later I've upgraded from a IPhone to a Canon T6I Rebel for Photography as well as Videography. Along with a Gophro Hero Six & four and a DJI Phantom 4K drone for ariel footage. 

   Starting out with mostly landscape photography, I'm excited to learn and practice new skills to help others capture their moments. My interest in videography started about the same time I started snowboarding, when I was 15. Taking videos of my friends and making couple minute long videos i call edits. 

   November (2017) I officially registered Broad Leaf Media as my own. I'm excited to see where this adventure will take me and all the amazing people i'll meet through it! If you'd like to collaborate or book me for a photo or video shoot get a hold of me with the link below.                            



How did you hear about Broad Leaf Media?

Email Me Directly At Wingert23@gmail.com